Washington Health System

155 Wilson Avenue Washington, PA 15301   (724) 225-7000

Board of Directors

Gary B. Weinstein assumed the position of President and CEO in June 2010. Mr. Weinstein provides leadership, direction and administration across Washington Health System. Working with the system’s Board of Directors, he charts the course the hospital system is to take in response to the health care needs of the community. 

Thomas Northrop
Brian Smith
Daniel Miller
Gerald Prado
President & CEO
Gary B. Weinstein

  • Darlene Bigler
  • Arthur Gabriel
  • Howard Goldberg, MD
  • Traci McDonald-Kemp
  • William McGowen
  • John McIlvaine, III
  • Grant Minor
  • Arlene Ricker
  • Robert Young
  • R. Tony Aprea, MD
  • Dawn Fuchs
  • John Six, MD
  • Sheila Stewart