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Washington Health System Hospitalist Service

If you are admitted as a patient to WHS Washington Hospital, you may be cared for by one of our Hospitalist Physicians. This web page is designed to introduce you to Hospital Medicine, and specifically the WHS Hospitalist Service. We hope this information is helpful to you.

What is a Hospitalist?

In the same way cardiologists specialize in the care of heart patients, we are physicians who specialize in the care and treatment of only hospitalized patients. As a hospitalist here at Washington Health System, we are all board-certified in internal medicine, family medicine and/or other sub-specialties.

What are the advantages of being under the care of a Hospitalist?

  • One of our Hospitalist Physicians will be available on site to you and your family 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are available to answer any questions that you and/or your family members may have.
  • Our team has real-time access to your tests and lab results, and can therefore adjust your treatment as necessary without any delay.
  • Our availability enables us to personally respond to any changes in your condition that may require immediate attention.
  • Being cared for by a hospitalist improves quality, safety, and patient satisfaction.

Who will be cared for by the Hospitalist team?

  • Any patient of a local primary care physician (PCP) who partners with the WHS Hospitalist Group and requires hospitalization.
  • Any patient who does not have a local primary care physician.

How does our team work with your primary care physician?

We partner with your PCP to provide you with the highest available continuum of care. Our team maintains close communication with your primary care physician during your stay. Your PCP will receive updates and reports including tests, lab results, and more. Our team will ensure a smooth transition back to your primary care physician once you leave the hospital. If you do not have a PCP, our team will refer you to one for your follow-up care.

What will happen at discharge?

A member of our team will discuss your discharge medications and other instructions with you. We will also assist in scheduling your first post-discharge office visit with your physician. Your physician will receive a detailed summary of your stay.

Will I receive a separate bill for Hospitalist services?

Yes. The billing process for hospitalist care is similar to being billed by your primary care physician (PCP) for a hospital visit. If you have questions specifically on billing, please contact the billing office through our partner EmCare at 1-800-355-2470.

Our team is committed to providing great patient care.

For additional questions about the WHS Hospitalist Program please contact our office:

Office Phone: 724-579-1654
Office Fax: 724-579-1656
Billing Questions: 1-800-355-2470
Address: 155 Wilson Ave.
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