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Arpil Resident of the Month

Dr. Thushan Pathmalingam

Dr. Thushan Pathmalingam “Dr. Path” is a family medicine resident at the Washington Health System and is practicing out of the Washington location at 95 Leonard Ave. He was born in a small tropical island located southeast of India and northeast of the Maldives, Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon. He moved to Canada in the midst of civil war to pursue higher education and completed his B.Sc in bio-pharmaceutical Sciences and Masters in inorganic chemistry at the University of Ottawa. He then attended a Caribbean medical school in St. Kitts and Nevis and completed his MD degree with his wife, Dr. Thivisha Rajagopal who is also a resident at WHS. His interests are preventive and sports medicine.

Alcohol Awareness

Excessive alcohol consumption is the 3rd leading preventable cause of death in the US (following heart diseases, cancer and tobacco use). It is estimated that more than 85, 000 deaths per year in the US are directly related to alcohol. Alcohol use disorder is believed to be a result of a complex interplay of genetics, environmental influence (prenatal exposure, parenting factors, family and peer influences) and personality traits. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) has estimated consumption amounts of alcohol that increase health risk. The risk factors for men include more than 14 standard drinks per week or  more than 4 drinks on any day. The risk factors for women include 7 standard drinks per week or >3 drinks on any day (standard drink = 1.5 oz hard liquor, 5 oz wine or 12 oz of beer). Alcohol use can be a significant contributing factor to many medical and psychiatric conditions such as hypertension, heart diseases, liver diseases, cancers of mouth, throat, esophagus, stomach and liver, malnutrition, anxiety, depression, poor sleep, other substance use disorder.
If you or your family members have concerns for alcohol use/ abuse please seek help through your primary care physician. There are set of screening questions that will be used during the initial visit which includes AUDIT-C/ CAGE questions and you will be cared and directed to the appropriate resources in the Washington/ Allegheny county. Alcohol dependence is a treatable disease and has good outcomes with the appropriate support system, medications and close follow up. This can be a life changing decision for you and your family so please don’t wait.

Greenbriar inpatient treatment center: 800 Manor Drive, Washington, PA. #724-225-9700, Greenbriar outpatient center: 1840 Washington road, Washington, PA, #724-916-0192. Website: www.greenbriar.net, Care Center, SPHS: Washington County D&A Outpatient: 75 East Maiden St, Washington, PA, Contact# 724-338-2200. Website: www.sphs.org
Washington Drug and Alcohol Commission website has many resources and contact information. Please visit www.wdacinc.org for more information.

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