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women's health track

Required curriculum for women's health includes 4 months of OB/GYN. For residents interested in additional training we have a women's health track that includes additional obstetrical and gynecology experience in the second and third year. All residents graduate with a minimum of 40 vaginal deliveries but those seeking additional experience have graduated with over 100 vaginal deliveries and additional surgical experience. This experience is designed for each resident and allows flexibility in providing the experience that each resident needs. We have Training occurs in a variety of settings where training occurs.

  • Our OB/GYN Clinic run by family medicine OB interested faculty, including a high risk clinic supervised by local OB/GYN physicians
  • Labor and delivery suite

Training includes OB care as well as experience in gynecological procedures such as colposcopy, IUD insertion, and endometrial biopies.